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Denise found a nice bedroom set for about $75. I really like it, but wondered aloud, “should we just change our names to Ward and June?” I’ve caught Denise admiring it, when she didn’t know I was looking.

I really like these nightstands. They hold lots of books and will soon support two “funky pink and gold atomic retro lamps.” At least that’s the eBay description. The combo headboard/footlocker is handy for kleenex, more books and, perhaps, some knick-knacks or, Lord willin’, photographs of the grandchildren (hint). I think we’ll be on the hunt for an appropriate bed spread and a funky, gold metal kleenex cozy, like the one my elderly aunt and uncle down at the trailer park used to have.… Read the rest

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I am so grateful to live in a community, where we enjoy state of the art medicine. I turned 50 this year and went in for my very first colonoscopy. I’m feeling fine, but it’s a good idea for men my age to be examined for colorectal cancer or other disease. Here we are in the year 2005 and I find it hard to believe that most people undergoing this test will still be subjected to the barbaric colonscope, a long flexible tubular instrument inserted into the rectum and poked around the colon, while the doctor watches on a remote video device.… Read the rest

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First things first: If you look over in the left column, you’ll see that I’ve been at work adding some mini-reviews of books and music I like. Perhaps you will like them, too.

Yes, it’s Independence Day here in the US, but I’m not really a very independent person… I’m writing a blog and reading others’, for cryin’ out loud. I think that demonstrates that I am a very interdependent person.

With that said, I would like to declare my independence today from slavery to my passions and pardon from the just condemnation I have merited by my dreadful conduct:

So those who are believers in Christ Jesus can no longer be condemned.Read the rest

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This post should be read to Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

I walk this empty street
On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Where the city sleeps
And I’m the only one and I walk alone

Every morning, Denise and I wake up shortly after 5AM to go out for our daily walk/run. We’ve done this probably since we lived in Maine, ten years ago. However, there’s something about me… about my little pea brain, that I’ve known since I began running way back around 1982. I like to exercise alone. When I’m with someone else, no matter the physical activity, I always feel like I have to catch up with or wait for them.… Read the rest

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I promised Zombieslayer a post about my short venture into the world of record producers, fusion guitarists, “shred-heads” and, of course, those vultures who bring all fun to a halt — lawyers and record distributors. Dear ZS… I hope this meets with your approval.

One day sometime in 1990, I believe, I came home from work and Denise told me she had met some new neighbors and they were real nice. She said that “Mark” produced and recorded music – he was working on a children’s CD. I remember thinking to myself, “So, what’s new… everyone in Nevada City is recording a CD.”… Read the rest

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antichristI began my first in-depth study of The Apocalypse this week and I think I have some insights and revelations of my own, concerning the identity of the Antichrist and the Beast of Revelation 13.

First, let me say that Dan (the guy to the left of Macaulay Culkin) is not the Beast, nor is his friend, Michael Jackson, the Antichrist. Of that, I’m relatively certain. However, I’m not so sure about King Juan Carlos of Spain.

You see, he’s been fingered as the Man of Lawlessness by a number of “prophecy experts,” most notably Chuck Missler and Jon Courson. As a supplement to my serious study in Revelation, I began listening to tapes by these Bible teachers, in order to gain insight into the strategic trends, which are preparing the world to bow to the control of this spellbinding, power hungry, dynamic, world dictator.… Read the rest

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I found this thought-provoking article about the… Just a moment, I have an email coming in that I’ve been waiting for. Okay, that was good, let’s start over. I found this thought-provoking article about the deleterious effect of too much…. Wait a second, I just heard the phone ring. I’ll be right back. Alright, so where was I. Oh, yes… the deleterious effect of all our modern communications… Excuse me, Denise is calling from the other room…

“What? Who? Tell them I’m busy blogging and I’ll call back in about a half hour. *Sigh*”

So, ummm, this article says that, uh… well, here… you read it yourself:

The Scotsman
Fri 22 Apr 2005
Scientists believe ‘infomania’ can hit our ability to concentrate and cause permanent loss of intelligence.… Read the rest

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Denise knows where to shop… when she heard there would be a flea market at a local Lutheran church, she charged right over there. “The churches with the older congregations have all the really cool stuff.” She came home with the most beautiful Christmas tree skirt I have ever seen, as well as some retro Christmas ornaments and… a little “special occasion tree” like my Grandma Louise used to have. Actually, it was a manzanita branch that looked like a tree, about a foot tall. She would decorate it for every season or special occasion. Now, we have one.

The biggest treat was this beautifully illustrated Barbecue Book by the publishers of Sunset Magazine.… Read the rest

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Online Catalog: Essential Blogging:

“With weblogs or ‘blogs’ exploding all over the Web, the only thing lacking for power users and developers is detailed advice on how to choose, install, and run blogging software. Written by leading bloggers, Essential Blogging includes practical advice and insider tips on the features, requirements, and limitations of applications such as Blogger, Radio Userland, Movable Type, and Blosxom. This book will get you up and blogging in no time. ”

Sam gave me this book for my birthday and I’ve finished it. It’s a good read with some helpful tips for the beginner. So far, my favorite is BlogThis!Read the rest

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If a movie won’t be playing at a theater, will its fans still line up outside that theater for days and days? If we’re talking about “Star Wars” fans, the answer is a resounding “of course!” It says so right here: Star Wars Fans At Wrong Theater

Former Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne donned his Emperor Palpatine getup and joined other diehard Star Wars fans outside the wrong theaterGrauman’s Chinese, for the latest installment of the legendary franchise. There was just one small problem: 20th Century Fox plans to open the film at the ArcLight theater, just a few blocks away.

ozzyOkay, so it’s not really Ozzy, but you have to admit there’s a real resemblance.… Read the rest

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I’ve been getting a whole slew of very thoughtful gifts over the past two weeks. The biggest surprise was the video, John Cipollina: Electric Guitarslinger. Brian, Kathy and boys (last name withheld for privacy) sent it to me for my birthday and I was just floored. It was totally unexpected. Words can’t express… Anyway…

John Cipollina was my first guitar hero. A friend’s older brother let us listen, through headphones, to Who Do You Love on Quicksilver Messenger Service’s Happy Trails album. I was captivated by his stinging tone and use of a Bigsby “whammy bar.” That’s all it took.… Read the rest

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Now Thomas (called Didymus), one of the Twelve, was not with the disciples when Jesus came. So the other disciples told him, “We have seen the Lord!” But he said to them, “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe it.” A week later his disciples were in the house again, and Thomas was with them. Though the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you!” Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here; see my hands.… Read the rest

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Disneyland is a great place for unanticipated brushes with cartoon characters, old friends or even a celebrity or two. Back in the mid-80’s, our family hit the jackpot.

Denise and I are natives of Whittier, so we’ve known Disneyland since… well, practically since the day we became aware of our surroundings. The first thing seasoned Magic Kingdom visitors discover is that you never want to visit during August and you only go during the Summer or school vacations if you positively have to (when your weird cousins visit from out of state, for instance). Anyways, we found that the optimum times are around November or February and always while school is in session.… Read the rest

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I’m tired… and, when I’m worn out, I can’t stand the thought of losing productive time. If I’m in pain, I will rent a film or do something creative like work in Photoshop or fine tune some HTML or CSS. I’ve found these to be the most effective pain management techniques. But, when I’m just plain tired, I’ll do busy work, like add links to the left column of the blog. I hope you like some of the new ones.

Oh, and even though it says to “Read more” down here, don’t believe it… there’s no more to read.

Read the rest
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I was craving some Himalayan food on a sunny Saturday last Fall, so I decided to head down the Rough and Ready Highway to Didi Bhai. As I neared the old market, I saw an estate sale on the left side of the road. I couldn’t stop because I was on a mission: a buffet of curry, chutney, nan bread… you understand. So, on my way home I stopped and browsed around the small house and yard for treasures. I found one. The deceased are Christians and I found a few missing books for my library. There was also a Bible in near mint condition… leather, New American Standard… perfect for special occasions!Read the rest

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I was craving some Himalayan food on a sunny Saturday last Fall, so I decided to head down the Rough and Ready Highway to Didi Bhai. As I neared the old market, I saw an estate sale on the left side of the road. I couldn’t stop because I was on a mission: a buffet of curry, chutney, nan bread… you understand. So, on my way home I stopped and browsed around the small house and yard for treasures. I found one. The deceased are Christians and I found a few missing books for my library. There was also a Bible in near mint condition… leather, New American Standard… perfect for special occasions!… Read the rest

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eames8The Work of Charles & Ray Eames: A Legacy of Invention
The Library of Congress has organized an exhibition, along with the Vitra Design Museum, celebrating the genius of Ray and Charles Eames. This amazing couple are probably best known for their contibutions to furniture and architectural design, but the fact is… they could do just about anything! Check out the site and marvel at the profound influence these two people have had upon the world you see around you each day.

Read the rest
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Well, our chaise lounge arrived and it’s beautiful!chaise
I think we have arrived at the look we’ve been trying to achieve with the living room. Note the end table with toothpick legs and Formica top next to the sofa. It is one of three stacking end tables… colors are green, gold and red.

We found this Eames era Danish coffee table a few weeks ago, but coffee will never touch it.
Instead, we placed it near the front door and have our guest book out to welcome visitors. All in all, I think the new editions compliment the sectional and other items.… Read the rest

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Expandable Post Summaries
I had a few minutes to work on some formatting for the blog and found this neat trick…You see, with this little hack on the Blogger template, I can create the illusion that I am becoming a better writer — saying more with less. The truth is, it entices the reader with a line or two and then lures them into another massive tome, sucking away more of their valuable time.

But, it does have an advantage… the reader can scan the main page to see if there’s anything remotely interesting and decide if they want to find amusement here or go do something valuable with their time, like save the world from catastrophic climate change.… Read the rest

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kabulteeTeeing Off at the Kabul Golf Course

Regardless of your opinion of Bush’s War on Terror, I think everyone can agree that these freedom fighters have earned the respect of the world. Many groups suffered under the tyranny of the Taliban, but at least two members of the Kabul Gulf (Golf) Club have paid dearly for love of the game, going all the way back to the Soviet occupation in the 80’s.

“During the war against the Russians we were forced to close down,” said Mohammad Afzal Abdul, the 46-year-old club professional, who was a young boy when the course was built.
Read the rest
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Don’t you just love choral music? What’s that? You could care less about it? Oh, well. I’m gonna sing its praises anyway.

Today I’ve been very tired and just moping around. I wanted to blog a bit, but nothing heavy. I took a nap with KXPR on the radio and woke an hour later to the most beautiful music being performed by the Sacramento Choral Society. Good, modern choral music is the closest thing to “angelic” as I can imagine. Of course, you can’t beat John Rutter’s sacred works.

That doesn’t mean I still don’t love other simpler, more common or vulgar (said with a condescending, blue blooded tone) forms of music, just as much as I always have.… Read the rest

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Moving to downeast Maine in 1993 was, in many ways, similar to the 60’s TV comedy, Green Acres. Like Lisa and Oliver Douglas, the Salisbury family struck out on an adventure to discover a little piece of rural America in Sedgwick ME. We made a splash, rolling into town with our 5 ton Ryder truck and ’67 Chevy Bel Air. Fortunately, we were from California and were looked upon as more of a curiosity, than a complete nuisance like other people from away (New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, etc.)

marygraceSo, imagine our surprise to find that we had moved into the same town as Ralph Monroe, the eccentric carpenter from Green Acres.… Read the rest

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I mentioned Dr. Nathaniel Horne in my Ground-Breaking News post. I believe Nathaniel was a resident at UCDMC when I was treated there for necrotizing fasciitis in 1998. He performed a skin graft or two on my affected leg and we got along nicely…

Fast forward to 2003 and the Salisburys are on the north shore of Oahu for Emma’s 18th birthday. Emma wanted a surfing lesson, so we got her one in Haleiwa. The class paddled out and I sat on the beach photographing everyone. About an hour into the lesson, a young man with a hat and su glasses walked up and sat down behind me and to the right.… Read the rest