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Today, I was honored to be invited to a ground-breaking ceremony and lunch at the Firehouse Restaurant, to kick off construction of the F. William Blaisdell, M.D. Medical Library at the UC Davis Medical Center. It seemed only fair that we were invited, after Denise and I made a generous contribution to the med center of about $1.5 million in 1998 (with some help from the Mail Handler’s Benefit Plan).


Dr. Blaisdell was the surgeon, who saved my life, then my leg, then my ankle and, finally, my foot. We have kept in touch over the years. Many notables were present, but they pale in comparison to my heroes Dr.… Read the rest

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amphibmobileDenise and I passed by Area 51 on the way to visit my mom in Las Vegas. After pulling off the road to swap pilot / navigator duties, a rare vehicle was sighted. I’d heard of these ships and seen grainy, doctored photos in the past. But, we have definitive proof of our close encounter with one of these elusive, mysterious craft. Notice the twin propellers aft. You can see the boat registration near the bow on the starboard side. A canvas canopy over the bridge shields the crew from the sun and the rain. Bizarre…amphibmobile2

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Providence or serendipity? Kismet or fate? What do you make of those unexpected meetings or events, which occasionally brighten your routine existence? Do you attribute them to chance or fate? Or, do they fall somewhere in between? I suppose it depends upon your presuppositions – those foundational verities, which you call upon to make sense out of the puzzling jumble of events we call life or being.

Well, whatever the source, isn’t it the coolest thing to bump into some celebrity or an old friend or participate in some momentous event (subjectively speaking, of course), like Forrest Gump? I seem to have had more than my share of those magical moments and I’m going to write them down, one at a time, and post them under the above title.… Read the rest

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When the topic of Iraq comes up, I often find myself frustrated and alone. Why? Because, it seems, we can’t have a rational discussion about the issue, given the current political climate. Everyone is obliged to ignore the “elephant in the room,” in order to stay “true to their school” — their “tribe” if you will.

“It’s about freedom and democracy for an oppressed people!” Okay, I’ll buy a little of that. But, certainly we could have delivered those ideals to the people of Rwanda in the 90’s and saved many lives in the bargain.

“It’s about bringing some peace and stability to the region.” Yes, I can go with a bit of that, too.… Read the rest

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Okay, so I’ve worked on the template and I’m liking the formatting… I added an up-to-date photo for my profile and a “cast of characters” over there in the left column, so I don’t have to explain who each member of the family is every time I mention them. I also added my favorite blogs.

Here’s the burning question: When you click on a link, do you prefer the page to open in a new window or do you like to use your “back” button/command?

With tabbed browsing here in modern browsers and Explorer soon to play catch-up, this may all be academic.… Read the rest

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Tonight, Denise and I were treated to Valentine’s Dinner catered and served by our church youth group. I had the tri-tip; Denise had Chicken Cordon Bleu. The service was excellent, as usual, because the kids have honed their skills at the annual fundraiser for the local crisis pregnancy center. They really are good!

Our speaker was an old friend, Doug Britton. I have known him for about 15 years and spoken to him a number of times, but this was the very first time we have met in person. I have used his materials to counsel couples with great success.… Read the rest

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couchSpeaking of a load off… It has long been a dream of mine to redecorate our home in a modern theme, but it looks like that will have to wait for another 5-10 years. In the interim, we have decided upon a retro look and have been scouring thrift stores, garage sales and eBay for furniture and accessories from the same era as the ribbon-cutting on our home, i.e. 1961.
Today my wife, Denise, and I were leaving a disappointing garage sale, when we happened upon a young gentleman (who happpened to be from New Zealand), standing in the driveway of his new home, next to this sectional.… Read the rest

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It looks like I’m ready to roll. I’ve finished my first post, created my profile, set up some files on my domain to link to and I even tweeked the template just a bit.

This is a real load off of my shoulders… now I can relax a little, redesign my old sites, perhaps come up with a few other designs and settle down to learn PHP and MySQL. PHP looks like it should be pretty straightforward, but I ran into a roadblock with MySQL. I think that’s because (I hate to admit it), I am still ignorant when it comes to the inner workings of Macintosh OS X.… Read the rest

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Pronunciation: 'prag-m&-"ti-z&m
Function: noun
1 : a practical approach to problems and affairs

Many years ago as a young man, I read very little, wrote even less and never dreamed I would write a journal of any sort, let alone a personal log on a space-age device like the computer I am tapping away on. That has all changed.

Now, I read a lot and I write even more!

So, I conceived a plan — a very pragmatic plan, really. Since I would never be published, I decided I would create a website and share my thoughts with anyone who may find them entertaining, enlightening, encouraging or exasperating (strange, but some people do find a certain level of satisfaction in exasperation).… Read the rest