I Wish…

Bo Surf – Version 2Okay, I’ve had a bunch of people ask me what I’d like to see under the Christmas tree this year… so, here’s the wishlist. This list is over at amazon.com and they have some cool stuff, but don’t feel like you have to shop there. You are welcome to locate the little treasures anywhere you like and if you’re feeling particularly generous, go ahead and upgrade the electronic items. I’m not picky either — these treasures may be pre-owned.

Update 2016: We have this Chanticleer CD now. Now, if you move down the list, you will see Chanticleer’s We Sing Christmas — another splendid choral collection. You would probably like to see Denise and I enjoy that through the Christmas ’05 season, so may I suggest that CD for a Thanksgiving gift? Remember, give early and give often. And, thank you in advance for your generous gifts.


  1. Suzie said:

    Did I miss something?…that list looked slim. (smiling) Perhaps my family will read your post….hahaha

    November 18, 2005
  2. Diane said:

    is that a family photo Bo?

    November 18, 2005
  3. Bo Salisbury said:

    Hi Suzie… I’m having a hard time getting the link to the list right… just go to amazon.com and punch in Vance Salisbury and the list will come up. Remember, it is more blessed to give than to receive… I want to give my friends lots of blessings this year.

    Di… that is my “other” family.

    November 18, 2005

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