ObamaIt looks as if a new president of the United States was elected, while Denise and I were taking care of business. It wasn’t much of a surprise. The Republicans fielded a weak candidate in McCain, Obama raised and spent more money than any other contender in history and no one in the watchdog press was interested in vetting the Democrat candidate. Oh well, this should all make for plenty of opinion and wonderful satire as we embark upon the birthing of a progressive utopia here in the US.


  1. 😆

    Nice picture, and caption.

    McCain should have chosen Ron Paul. Then I would have voted for him. Republicans were fools. Palin simply didn’t have the charisma to pull it off. I’m sure she’s a wonderful person, but was just so bad when thrown in front of a camera or in a debate.

    On the plus side, Obama will be a lame duck President in a few years. When nothing gets done in Washington, DC is when the government is at its best. I like to keep my freedoms and my paycheck.

    November 15, 2008
  2. pietyhill said:

    HI ZS…. I’ve been reading your blog, but I haven’t commented because I’ve been under the weather and, by the time I got there, the dust settled… loved your rant.

    Thanks… I photoshopped that a while back… it will be my standard BO photo.

    The Republicans are in disarray… they could use a good shot of libertarian thought… get back to the constitutional basics. The good news is that after the taxes start coming and speech gets limited and guns regulated a little more, folks may sit up straight and get back into the fight. But, it seems that people need leaders to rally around and there aren’t many good ones out there right now.

    My friend just ordered an AR-15…

    November 15, 2008
  3. Donna Webster said:

    that image is PRICELESS!

    November 21, 2008
  4. pietyhill said:

    Thanks Donna… where would civilization be without Photoshop… keep watching… I’ve got a few more delightful images coming…

    November 21, 2008
  5. Bo – No biggie. I’ve been posting pretty infrequently.

    I was really hoping the Republicans would make a move towards fiscal responsibility and the Constitution but McCain was not it. Sure he’s good at cutting pork, but supporting this war is very bad when it comes to economics and taxes. We’re footing the bill for it.

    One bit of credit I’ll give Obama – the guy can speak. Of course it’s political rabble, i.e., a lot of hot air but no substance. But he sure is good at it. Yeah, Obama will be forced to raise taxes and that’s when he becomes a lame duck President. I’ll give him two years. Then the Republicans win back Congress in a landslide. I just hope it’s fiscally responsible and Constitution loving Republicans more like Ron Paul and less like George W Bush.

    November 29, 2008
  6. tbone picker said:

    You people that think obama won’t be able to do what he wants don’t seem to understand – He will. In case you haven’t noticed he has enough freaks in the senate and house to get what he wants. What he wants is not socialism.What he wants is communism where he is the dictator. He doesn’t like this country because we had slavery 150 yrs ago. He and his wife are the worst racists you are going to find anywhere. Yes, he heard his preacher’s words for 20 yrs and he agreed with him. He’s a liar and a cheat and if republicans don’t take some senate seats away in 2010, we are screwed. W@e are anyway right now but if he holds the senate, we are a communist country in about 3 yrs. He’s a smart man but it’s a shame a bunch of Bush haters elected obama to ruin this country. Pay attention and start watching fox news. Liberals hate them also because they report the news and don’t take up for certain politicians. That’s why you hear libs smear fox because they tell the truth. Rush Limbaugh and Hannity and Beck and others are trying to save this country and fools are nopt paying attention. The major networks are in it with obama and the libs. It doesn’t mater how charismatic someone is if they are ruining the country. I don’t see the charisma but of course, I’m a realist and pay atention to what’s going on. Please everyone pay attention to the truth. It’s not too late but soon it will be. We really need a third party but right now we have to get the liberal dems out if we can.

    May 28, 2009

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