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So, you are concerned about children in poverty, consumerism, nutrition, and the harmful effects of fossil fuels on the environment? Why place your hope in politicians, administrations, and government institutions that swerve back and forth with each new Congress or administration? Try doing what we do: buy stock and become a shareholder in some of the more progressive corporations on the exchange. As a shareholder, you have rights and the ability to move those companies in the direction of positive social change.

This constructive way forward to influence culture and policy came to me through exposure to the divestment movement and its questionable effectiveness.… Read the rest

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It’s 2017 and President Obama is free to enjoy a well-deserved season of relaxation — being President of the United States has to be one of the most difficult jobs on earth!

I didn’t vote for President Trump in 2016 nor do I plan on casting my ballot for him in 2020, if he’s a candidate. So, I have some sympathy for those who were disappointed back in November, but little patience for much of the hysteria that has followed his inauguration.

I plan to move forward in 2017 in much the same way I planned to if Secretary Clinton had won the election and have done through past administrations.… Read the rest

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ObamaIt looks as if a new president of the United States was elected, while Denise and I were taking care of business. It wasn’t much of a surprise. The Republicans fielded a weak candidate in McCain, Obama raised and spent more money than any other contender in history and no one in the watchdog press was interested in vetting the Democrat candidate. Oh well, this should all make for plenty of opinion and wonderful satire as we embark upon the birthing of a progressive utopia here in the US.… Read the rest


From USA Today:

Obama Shifts Stance On Environmental Issues

WASHINGTON — In May 1998, at the urging of the state’s coal industry, the Illinois Legislature passed a bill condemning the Kyoto global warming treaty and forbidding state efforts to regulate greenhouse gases.
Barack Obama voted “aye.”

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee now calls climate change “one of the greatest moral challenges of our generation”…

The Obama campaign did not respond to questions about his support for the coal industry, except to address his 1998 Kyoto vote. The campaign said in a statement that the Kyoto treaty did not have “meaningful and achievable emissions targets,” and that Obama “did not believe that state agencies in Illinois should unilaterally take steps to implement a global policy on their own …” The statement said Obama supports investing in technology to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from coal burning… Obama also drew criticism for sponsoring a bill in January 2007 to devote $8 billion in subsidies to a technology to convert coal to liquid fuel.

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Cal Thomas penned a sober and pragmatic assessment of the typical conservative, Evangelical Christian, pro-family voter (if there is such a specimen): The Maturing of the Right.

After a factual and fair rundown of the candidates for President on the Republican side, Thomas concludes with this analysis:

That substantial numbers of conservative evangelical voters are even considering these candidates as presidential prospects is a sign of their political maturation and of their more pragmatic view of what can be expected from politics and politicians. It is also evidence that many of them are awakening to at least two other realities — (1) they are not electing a church deacon; and (2) government has limited power to rebuild a crumbling social construct.
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A Mormon In The White House?I called into the Laura Ingraham show to talk to Hugh Hewitt about his book, A Mormon in the Whitehouse? and the problems Mitt Romney will have attracting Evangelical Christians to his campaign.

I said something to the effect that “I’m an Evangelical Christian, a former Mormon — I’ve been through the Temple and sworn the blood oaths. I could vote for Mitt Romney for President. But, there are valid concerns that Evangelicals have and I think Mitt could answer them to their satisfaction.” I expected to be asked what those “concerns” are, but they moved right along with Hugh basically agreeing with me.… Read the rest

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Denise and I had lunch at Fred’s in Nevada City on Saturday, ignorant of the fact that it was March 19 and there were rallies planned all over the country, marching for peace and protesting the war in Iraq. Now, I know I’ll be taken to task for this piece of satire, but I can’t help it. Funny stuff just happens to me all the time…

The demonstration in Nevada City was quiet and orderly… In fact, when I returned with my camera to document the event on the Broad St. overpass ten minutes later, it was over. The only evidence that an anti-Bush crowd had been engaged in a struggle against war, corporate greed, and poverty, were the three late-model Volvos left at the scene by lunching activists.     … Read the rest

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