Family and Friends

This is where it all started… a simple kick to the ankle at an indoor soccer match at Samba Soccer in Grass Valley. I was about to score and “wham!”
In the waiting area in the tower… many prayers were said there and a lot of worrying was done, but God got the victory. Here we see Sam, Leeann, Judy, Mark, and Camille waiting to head down to the grill. Many more would visit, Paul Corbin would play a Hendrix version of the “Star-Spangled Banner” on his electric violin and the kids from Camptonville sent a banner with all their hand prints on it.
Fresh out of my coma with Denise and bandages held on by a “Tarzan suit” crafted from BandNet by the surgeons.
Tina came to give me a much needed haircut. The rounding interns were standing in line for their turn. Yes… my eyes are bugging out, because of all the drugs coursing through my veins. The drugs were intense and I really felt the effects when I began withdrawals. I remember thinking what it must be like for addicts to do it on their own, outside of a facility.
Stephanie, my occupational therapist, filled the UDCMC van with an assortment of stroke victims and other devastated people, took us for a bowling outing and then to a soda fountain for some ice cream. That was a very difficult day, physically and emotionally. By this time, I could stand and blood would not pool out of my cast onto the floor.
Judy and Camille enjoyed sushi at Yokahama in Sacramento. I was having “Taco Tuesday” at UCDMC. Or, was that “Soul Food Thursday?”
Sisters-in-law, Diane and Donna, visited while I was in rehab. They had a great idea; “Let’s give Bo a back rub.” You can’t imagine the almost metaphysical sensation of having your back massaged, after lying on your back for more than two months without any sort of touch! I don’t think people realize how hard laying in a bed is on the human body.
A much younger Steve came to visit, while I was recuperating at home. Boy, do the donor sites on my right leg look horrible or what? I was skin and bones.
Thanksgiving came around and we went to Brian and Kathy’s for the holiday dinner. I had a light moment with Fran, Diane and Don.
Then, we got to visit my sisters Sharon and Sue with my mom, Barbara.
While we were at my mom’s house, we went down to check out Tamarack, but there were no waves. Is this where I had contracted the Strep, when I surfed here weeks before my infection? The beach had been recently reopened after a sewage spill. I suppose we’ll never know.

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