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“You’ll be happy to know I got religion: I’m a Baha’i!” My guitar teacher’s enthusiastic annunciation during another failed attempt to learn that instrument in the mid-80s launched a quest that would change or affect me in ways I could never imagine. But, more about that later. This part of the site represents the fruit of my intense six-year research and immersion into the Baha’i community, presented here for anyone interested in this syncretistic blend of Shi’i and Sufi Islam, colonialism, and a tide of optimism that swept across the globe in the late 19th century. I am going back to my Baha’i studies and hope to return to the blog with updates.

Over time, I aim to reenter the world of Baha’i and will be posting anecdotes and updates to the blog, as well as other pages. I have begun preparations to publish a small booklet online titled The Baha’i Faith: An Introduction  for Christian Readers. The plan is to present a brief historical and doctrinal introduction from an Evangelical Christian perspective, at a popular reading level. There will be a contrast and compare of the Baha’i faith with historic Christianity avoiding a hard polemical edge while drawing the distinct differences between these two exclusive world religions.

That booklet is the first step in publishing a print book, as well as a Kindle and iBooks version. Not only do I plan to write a book, but I want to design, illustrate, and publish it from beginning to end. If I can come up with the funds, I would like to have this one professionally edited.

The first offering under this category is A Critical Examination of 20th Century Baha’i Literature, a paper I wrote for presentation at the Arc Symposium on Cults, the Occult and World Religions at William Tyndale College, August 16-18, 1990. It was a major paper, one of 9, chosen from about 100 submissions by a panel of scholars that included Dr. Norm Geisler.

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