More Accidental Providence

Moving to downeast Maine in 1993 was, in many ways, similar to the 60’s TV comedy, Green Acres. Like Lisa and Oliver Douglas, the Salisbury family struck out on an adventure to discover a little piece of rural America in Sedgwick ME. We made a splash, rolling into town with our 5 ton Ryder truck and ’67 Chevy Bel Air. Fortunately, we were from California and were looked upon as more of a curiosity, than a complete nuisance like other people from away (New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, etc.)

marygraceSo, imagine our surprise to find that we had moved into the same town as Ralph Monroe, the eccentric carpenter from Green Acres. TV buffs know her true identity – Mary Grace Canfield. Mary Grace and her husband John are wonderful folks and I had the pleasure of serving them at the Post Office. One of the high points of our Maine adventure was attending the annual children’s Christmas Party, which was put on by the Thursday Club at the Sargentville Chapel. All the children would sit around Mary Grace as she performed a dramatic reading of The Night Before Christmas and then each child received a gift and everyone enjoyed some Christmas cheer. I have very fond memories of John and Mary Grace.

(Update: Mary Grace passed away in February 2014)


  1. Anonymous said:

    Do you mean this woman really played on the show, or that she, like you and Neesie, was a “character like” Ralph Monroe?
    If so, I find it ironic how many celebs you hob-nobbed with during your stay there, (Stephen King, Paul Stucky) after leaving California, the supposed home of stars, where you never see any! Oh, isn’t life just a hoot? Michele

    March 2, 2005

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