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Why do I blog? There are a number of reasons, I suppose. francis4

I came across a quote which answers that question and may give you some insight into why I do whatever I do:

Our calling is to enjoy God as well as glorify Him. Real fulfillment relates to the purpose for which we were made, to be in reference to God, to be in personal relationship with Him, to be fulfilled by Him, and thus to have an affirmation of life. Christianity should never give any onlooker the right to conclude that Christianity believes in the negation of life. Christianity is able to make a real affirmation because we affirm that it is possible to be in personal relationship to the personal God who is there and who is the final environment of all He created.

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The Lordship of Christ over the whole of life means that there are no Platonic areas in Christianity, no dichotomy or hierarchy between the body and the soul. God made the body as well as the soul, and redemption is for the whole man.

I tend to do things backwards. I suppose that’s part of the process in being redeemed. I finally poured the content into the pages that define what this site is about. You can read them here at Passion, which is singular, and over here, at Interests. I have one Passion, but many Interests and this site will explore the interplay between them in the life of a human being, who is being redeemed: me.
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