Accountable Leaders

Biblical Eldership Resources put together this handy little collection of links today on accountability for Christian leaders. Often times, the focus is on sexual sin or pornography, which can be a huge temptation to Christians, male and female. By majoring on sexual purity, lists or resources like these often overlook other areas of accountability that are crucial to building healthy Christian community into the church. Ken Sande’s contribution offers refreshing insights from real life.
For example, the author of The Peacemaker proffers this modest sounding, yet crucial piece of advice: “Provide leaders with regular performance evaluations. Candid performance evaluations conducted in the spirit of Ephesians 4:15 and 4:29 can provide encouraging affirmation of strengths and successes, and address weaknesses or failures in a positive manner instead of waiting for problems to build to explosive levels. When a leader is graciously encouraged to improve in one or two specific qualities each year, he can experience noticeable growth and continue to flourish in his ministry year after year.”
If a brother or sister doesn’t like to be “called out in front of others” or required to give an account for their area(s) of ministry, then he/she is being set up for failure. On the other hand, if a brother or sister cannot share a “wounding truth” within the context of a leadership team, then it may indicate something more than an aversion to confrontation: it may be something deeper or disturbing — perhaps a lack of love or indifference toward others.

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