Disenfranchised Person Sandwich – Mmmm, Good!

Levi and Suzanne had us over for lunch today. She and Rosalyn made Denise and I the most wonderful po’boy, er, I mean, disenfranchised person sandwich I’ve had in a long time. Lily and Jack joined us for this splendid repast, garnished with potato chips, Fritos© and the food of the gods (small ‘g” deities), Crunchy Cheetos©.

Levi and I kept the code chatter to a minimum, choosing instead to engage in the topics of interest entertained by the other luncheon guests. We discussed the elements of the “poorboy” or “po’boy” sandwich, which is nearly identical to the “hoagie” or “fresh italian” sandwich, until we realized that those descriptions may seem insensitive to our less fortunate brethren. So, we came up with a more inclusive, less judgmental or demeaning label for the meat, cheese and vegetable sandwich, served on a freshly baked roll or baguette. Yes, this is a sandwich which knows no class or racial or philosophical distinctions. It is truly the sandwich of everyman… drat! I mean, of every person!

As our refection continued throughout the early afternoon, topics of conversation ranged from the resurrection of the dead, to the dangers of dehydration accompanying the stomach flu. Film, music, books, education, art, napping… we covered it all. What a blessed afternoon!


  1. levi said:

    That was an excellent afternoon, Bo. Thanks to you and Denise for stopping by. I’m still digesting our yummy and politically-correct sandwaches. The new blog is lookin’ good!

    January 9, 2006
  2. Sadie lou said:

    Hello. I’m so glad you alerted me to your new blog. *Joke* Levi was kind enough to include me. So now you two (Levi) have left blogspot, eh? I thought you guys would never convert to WordPress–didn’t you make fun of Paul Legge for being over here?
    Poo to you.

    January 9, 2006
  3. Bo Salisbury said:

    Okay, Sadie, first let’s dispel some vicious rumors going around. That was Levi, not me that commented about Paul’s choice of blog tools. Second, it was TypePad. I’m still on Blogger with the Revelation Roundtable and hope to put up some more dedicated blogs. We’ll see. I need to learn the backend of all this stuff.

    First thing I need to do is figure out how I move you, my friends, to the top of the blogroll. It’s probably simple… I’m sure I could do it manually on the template. But, I want to figure out the real way to do it.

    January 9, 2006
  4. Sadie lou said:

    Oh alright. I’ll stop being a ninny. I’m looking forward to reading you again. Sheesh.

    January 10, 2006

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