Emma's New Life

Here we are outside Emma’s apartment in Carrboro. She is all settled in and is acclimating to southern living. Chapel Hill and Franklin St. are only about a mile down the road and she is within walking distance of a great little restaurant that specializes in health food: grits, bisquits, red hots and fatback.
After the apartment was moved in and decorated, Emma found it a bit gloomy so she hung a few strings of lights and voila! The place is quite comfortable with reasonable rent, utilities paid, cable and high speed internet are included. Emma, like her mother, can sure shop for a bargain!
We found Emma working at a quality vision center near her home. Her optometrist and co-workers seem like a fun-loving, professional eyecare team. We brought them their first taste of See’s Candies and they were pleased.

Emma has visited a local Bible Church and tomorrow evening we will be checking out a “missional church” in Durham, Emmaus Way.

Emma is very resourceful, cheerful and organized in her new setting. It is gratifying and comforting to see our last fledgling out of the nest and doing well. Thank you, Lord.

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  1. Sadie Lou said:

    Good Luck Emma dahling. (I meant to type “dahling” instead of darling. It’s a throw back to Old Hollywood in which Emma and I share of love. )I see you have some excellent photographs of some great female Hollywood legends.
    If you ever feel lonely or scared, give me a ringy-dingy!

    October 10, 2005

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