Perambulating the Piedmont

The travel log continues from Addison’s Inn located in beautiful Wilkesboro NC. Today we plan to travel along the apple trail, seeking the magical fruit, as well as more barbecue.

We began in Chapel Hill and no trip with the Salisburys is complete without at least one visit to a native Post Office. The Post Office is located across Franklin from UNC and has a number of wonderful murals throughout the customer lobbies.

The rotunda at the UNC visitor’s center displays a number of wonderful paintings, an energetic sculpture of President Polk, as well as a beautifully crafted clock and barometer. The painting in the photo is a portrait of Rembrandt’s sister by the artist.

We headed east to Wake Forest University, where we reconnected with a family friend who is a student there. We continued to Pilot Mountain, which was the inspiration for the town, Mount Pilot, mentioned often on the Andy Griffith Show. From there, we went to Mount Airy — the hometown of “Sheriff Andy Taylor” and the real-life village behind the Town of Mayberry. The view from Pilot Mountain is spectacular on a clear day.

Emma and dad posing on the summit overlook.

Denise found the lawn art capital of the world just over the Virginia state line and picked up a few small treasures for the yard.

I found a quiet mountain retreat to blog from along the Blue Ridge Parkway.


  1. Diane said:

    what’s that? blue sky! Besides all ther rain, sounds like you guys are having a good time

    October 10, 2005
  2. Sadie Lou said:

    when are you kids coming back to town. Dan is wondering about Tuesday morning coffee…???

    October 10, 2005
  3. Bo Salisbury said:

    Yes, we had no rain for about 24 hours. It’s been a wet vacation.

    ZS… lawn art? Why that’s statuary, gazing balls, little plaster gnomes… all of those classy items found on the finest lawns in the upscale neighborhoods.

    October 10, 2005
  4. Ah, garden gnomes. I love garden gnomes. I bought one and Junior did a wonderful job painting it, but the rain washed most of the paint away. I should have coated it with something. 🙁

    October 11, 2005
  5. Bo Salisbury said:

    Our bags were a bit heavier on the return trip with concrete garden art, apples and other items purchased at a SuperTarget. That’s one thing I’ll never understand about Denise… on vacation, shopping for everyday items at a Target or WalMart all the way across the country!

    October 12, 2005
  6. James Palmer said:

    Hi Bo,

    James Palmer from ARTSMEAR here. I LOOOOVE yer blog man. It looks like you guys got the grand tour of the soft, seedy, wonderfully rich underbelly of the south.

    I just have to say, y’all should trek on down to my hometown one of these days–Clemson. They got Bar-B-Cue that’ll beat anything in NC. Just don’t mention ANYTHING about UNC. They got a thing about Tarheels down there…

    October 16, 2005
  7. Bo Salisbury said:


    Thanks for dropping by… your art rocks! Really… I love what you have up on your site.

    Our friends just moved to Columbia, so I’ll take you up on the bbq… one questiong though… red or white slaw?

    October 16, 2005
  8. James Palmer said:

    I am not much for the slaw actually. I will warn you that below the South Carolina Piedmont–around Columbia, the bbq sauce is yellow-mustard based sauce. It can be a bit of a culture shock. It’s awesome though…

    October 17, 2005

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