ReadyMade MagazineReadyMade: Instructions for Everyday Life. I love this magazine — I mean the layout and style. I would never consider myself a handy man or hobbyist but, if I were, I would have a subscription to this fun and fabulously conceived periodical. The articles, projects and even the adds are all attractive, informative and sassy (to borrow a phrase from Denise). It’s obviously targeted to the Gen-Xers, who have figured out that not only are they not living in the shadow of the Boomers, but they can have a good job, pockets full of cash and out-consume their forerunners with kick. Check out this wonderful mag and don’t forget to visit their online store, where you will find these must-have items.

Overnight Bag Kit

ReadyMade Overnight Bag Kit

Bed-In-Box Kit

ReadyMade Bed In A Box

“How To Use” Tee Shirt


Build Your Own Modular Dwelling Kit

ReadyMade Modular Dwelling


  1. Sarah (Sadie's friend) said:

    My friend got me a subscription to this mag as a Christmas gift last year – I LOVER it! I especially like the white trash wedding ideas from last year’s February/March issue. I imagine if my husband & I renew our vows, it would have this theme….

    March 24, 2007
  2. Bo Salisbury said:

    Hello SSF!

    I missed that issue and it sounds fab. I did, however, find this tip under How To Save The Planet In Ten Easy Steps:

    Wear socks with sandals. A socks/sandals combo says to others, “I don’t care about how I look, I care about our natural environment.” You will also save money on expensive habits like dates. Spend it on shrubs and flowers instead.

    Thanks for dropping by and the big AMEN for ReadyMade.

    March 25, 2007

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