Ward and June Cleaver Have New Furniture

Denise found a nice bedroom set for about $75. I really like it, but wondered aloud, “should we just change our names to Ward and June?” I’ve caught Denise admiring it, when she didn’t know I was looking.

I really like these nightstands. They hold lots of books and will soon support two “funky pink and gold atomic retro lamps.” At least that’s the eBay description. The combo headboard/footlocker is handy for kleenex, more books and, perhaps, some knick-knacks or, Lord willin’, photographs of the grandchildren (hint). I think we’ll be on the hunt for an appropriate bed spread and a funky, gold metal kleenex cozy, like the one my elderly aunt and uncle down at the trailer park used to have.

Not every purchase can scratch the design itch. Our trusty refrigerator finally bit the dust. It’s probably better that way, since it had a “bladder infection.” The water started tasting funky, so I flushed it with chlorine bleach and changed the filter. No improvement. We bought the original from an appliance repair shop up by the airport, which always had sweet deals and would recycle your old appliances. Well, they are no longer there, so we had to buy a new one. Fortunately, Denise found a great deal on this “plain jane” refer, which suits our utilitarian philosophy in the kitchen.

We still deck the refrigerator with special photos, magnets and kids art, although the compositions are a bit more sophisticated nowadays. I spy Levi and Suzanne — how about you?


  1. Slade said:

    Hey now…are you one of those parents that drops baby hints everytime you see your grown kids??? My mother and mother-in-love are on me and my husband constantly…hehe…but I have one more year of school and getting my Masters…still that doesn’t seem to phase them with the constant “so are you pregnant yet?”

    July 9, 2005
  2. Camille said:

    I’m sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit…

    July 9, 2005
  3. Bo Salisbury said:

    Hi Slade:

    I was just teasing and, as you can see, our daughter Camille likes to tease us about our decorating taste.

    Denise and I have our ideas / dreams, but I hope our kids don’t feel like we’re ragging on them. We actually have tons of surrogate grandchildren and they are so much fun.

    I’m all for a Masters… what’s your area of study?

    July 9, 2005
  4. Miranda said:

    I like the color scheme, but the
    angle’s all off 😉

    July 9, 2005
  5. Michele said:

    Wow, what an excellent set for your passion pit. Do I love it? You know I do. (Say it in Kip voice) The bedspread will be tough. They used a lot of chennile which is hard to keep neat, or the big stiff. weird bedspreads, like in motels.

    July 11, 2005

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