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future-sign-Things are coming together much quicker, thanks to some wonderful improvements in WordPress, plugins, themes, and CMS.1  Good Mr. Baxter, my short, online  biography of that famous pastor, should be completed this week and I can get to the business of blogging and introducing some fresh, new work. Because my interests and experiences are so varied and seemingly unrelated, the plan right now is to devote a week or so to one subject at a time. So, if something comes up that interests you, just tune in for a while and check out when I’m blogging about boring stuff like Twelver Shi’ism in 19th century Iran. Here’s what you can expect to see over the coming weeks and months in the various Interests and categories on the site:

  • Blogs: I want to highlight other blogs and sites I visit regularly.
  • Church-planting and Bi-vocational pastor: Gospel Goodness will be a week-long discussion of what it means for a church to be Gospel Centered, as well as reviews of a few of the best resources in that category.
  • Church-planting and Bi-vocational pastor: Well Intentioned Dragons will begin with a discussion of that small booklet, including personal anecdotes and illustrations from 24 years of bi-vocational pastoring, dealing with difficult people in the local church.
  • Church-planting and Bi-vocational pastor: A discussion of resources for churches and their leaders who are moving toward or have adopted the team concept of plural leadership.
  • Art and Design: I’m returning to school this semester with an eye to complete an AA in Applied Art and Design. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write about.
  • Quotes: There will always be a steady stream of quotes, as I exhaust those I’ve gathered and discover new ones.
  • Baha’i: An online, book length, introduction to the Baha’i Faith from an Evangelical Christian perspective
  • Richard Baxter: Resources and developments in understanding the man and his influence on contemporary Christianity.
  • John’s Apocalypse, The Revelation of Jesus Christ: This commentary will be the most ambitious undertaking by far and lies somewhere in the future, but hopefully before the parousia. I’m committed to this one and I’ve lined up a friend who has a real interest in teaming up with me.
  • Politics: Wouldn’t I love to write about that subject! But, you probably won’t see much of that going on here.

You’ll also see a smattering of posts about the Postal Service, life in rural Maine, books, music, travel, and maybe even an occasional restaurant review.

  1. http://wordpress.org, http://updraftplus.com, http://www.competethemes.com/ignite/, http://www.pagelines.com []

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