Published February 11th, 2017 by

So, you are concerned about children in poverty, consumerism, nutrition, and the harmful effects of fossil fuels on the environment? Why place your hope in politicians, administrations, and government institutions that swerve back and forth with each new Congress or administration? Try doing what we do: buy stock and become a shareholder in some of the more progressive corporations on the exchange. As a shareholder, you have rights and the ability to move those companies in the direction of positive social change.

This constructive way forward to influence culture and policy came to me through exposure to the divestment movement and its questionable effectiveness.… Read the rest

Published February 10th, 2017 by

This week, I began a series on how to go forward in a positive way for Americans living with President Trump’s administration. One of the most contentious issues over the past year has been the public funding of women’s health and Planned Parenthood, in particular.

This is a controversy I know a little something about. First, Denise and I have been committed to women’s health in a substantial way for decades and I’ll discuss that a bit more when I share our practical solutions for remaining committed, regardless of which way the cultural and political winds are blowing. Second, I researched the public funding of Planned Parenthood back in the 1990’s, while engaged in a dialogue with Maine Representative John Baldacci (D) — later, Governor Baldacci.… Read the rest

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These are contentious times: A couple days ago, I began a series of posts with the aim to reach across the divide and seek practical solutions to issues most of us are concerned about. I’d like to talk about one practical step I’m taking to positively impact the natural world we all share.  I’ll begin with a sketch of my environmental philosophy.

First, I’m not freaked out about a change in command at the EPA. The agency was started years ago by President Richard Nixon and has been going back and forth between Democrat and Republican administrations for decades. If you’re concerned, perhaps this article by a man who was a former special agent and director of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Criminal Investigation Division will ease your mind a bit.… Read the rest

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It’s 2017 and President Obama is free to enjoy a well-deserved season of relaxation — being President of the United States has to be one of the most difficult jobs on earth!

I didn’t vote for President Trump in 2016 nor do I plan on casting my ballot for him in 2020, if he’s a candidate. So, I have some sympathy for those who were disappointed back in November, but little patience for much of the hysteria that has followed his inauguration.

I plan to move forward in 2017 in much the same way I planned to if Secretary Clinton had won the election and have done through past administrations.… Read the rest

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When the topic of Iraq comes up, I often find myself frustrated and alone. Why? Because, it seems, we can’t have a rational discussion about the issue, given the current political climate. Everyone is obliged to ignore the “elephant in the room,” in order to stay “true to their school” — their “tribe” if you will.

“It’s about freedom and democracy for an oppressed people!” Okay, I’ll buy a little of that. But, certainly we could have delivered those ideals to the people of Rwanda in the 90’s and saved many lives in the bargain.

“It’s about bringing some peace and stability to the region.” Yes, I can go with a bit of that, too.… Read the rest