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Because now, with a little bit of broadband, I can take a trip down memory lane and watch a lot of my favorite bands/artists from the past. For example, Living Colour on the Arsenio Hall show performing Cult of Personality. I once heard Living Colour referred to as the black Led Zeppelin… LZ wishes they were this heavy. Rock, funk, punk, noise, rap, African, reggae, metal, industrial, free jazz… they have it all and stage presence!… Read the rest

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iListen and Schindler's ListI think this is a first for me… I’m blogging while watching a film — Schindler’s List. I’ve already seen it once, but that was years ago. Anyway, I was thinking about getting iListen for dictation and transcription. I do most of my best thinking in the morning, while I’m commuting and doing production/deadline work. I’ve tried a cassette dictation machine ten years ago, but that just didn’t work. I started looking into iListen to use with my computer at home, comparing it to other dictation/transcription software and hardware solutions. Then, it occurred to me… I have a video iPod.… Read the rest

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I had another living room epiphany last week. But, before I go on and you get all excited and ask me to come work my interior design magic on your place, remember that I only do this for pleasure… no silver will cross the table.

We looked into putting an insert into our fireplace, but new regulations made it prohibtive, both in cost and efficiency. So, I sat gazing at the center of our living room, the locus of fellowship in our home and thought, “now what?” Should we put a large flower arrangement in front of it? Or, pile up a bunch of

candles inside the fireplace, like the hipsters in Rocklin do?… Read the rest

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That’s the vista or view of Julio Ojeda-Zapata in his review, Vista’s pretty, but it’s a shameless Mac OS X imitator Bottom line. He sums up Windows Vista this way:

Get a Mac with OS X unless your home-computer needs are Windows-specific, or if the fine Media Center is a must for you. You likely won’t regret a Vista-PC purchase, but I’m betting you’ll enjoy a Mac much more.

An amusing tongue-in-cheek video by David Pogue covers the same ground in a more creative fashion. I have to say that I use Windows XP at work and I really don’t mind it that much.… Read the rest

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There was a lot of screaming about Senator Barak Obama’s (D-Illinois) green hypocrisy a while back. It seems he was playing the perennial Democrat global warming panic and fear card to a town hall meeting, preaching on the eeeevills of the SUV and was seen leaving the scene of his scolding sermon in one of those humungous gas-guzzlers. His handlers attempted to deflect criticism by lamely pointing out that the vehicle burns a an e85 blend. But, that hardly cools the controversy or the atmosphere, for that matter.

Then you have this editorial exposing Al Gore’s (D-Planet) appetite. Sure, these guys are hypocrites but that’s not really the issue… you can find plenty of double-dealing in politics, religion, the office, the classroom… I wish these guys were that benign.… Read the rest

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Panera BreadI found a bloggers home away from home at Panera Bread and it’s habit forming. Denise likes to do her shopping in Rocklin and I like to spend time with Denise, so we drive down, she drops me off at Panera and she does her thing, while I do mine. Then, we usually get a bite to eat at a taqueria or barbecue joint.

Denise and I learned to love Panera when we visited Emma in Chapel Hill. Because it was overcast or raining the entire time we were there and Emma worked all day, Denise and I spent a considerable amount of time in the comfortable environs that are Panera, catching up on email, eBaying, blogging or just chatting over a hot, caffeinated beverage.… Read the rest

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Macintosh LogoLevi at Culturezoo has come up with a smart and sassy little blog accessory: It’s called Audiozue and it tells your readers what you’re listening to on iTunes, displays the album art and provides a link to purchase the music. You can customize Audiozue to display up to fifty songs and you can build your own skin to match the stunning design of your blog. If you look at the sidebar, you will see it in action.

Oh, and by the way… check out this great photo titled “Macintosh Repair Tool Kit.”Read the rest

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Denise and I are enjoying our .Mac account and we have two new slideshows up. One records our trip to Disneyland and the other is a collection of Birthday, New Year and Christmas photos. I really like the ease of sharing photos through iPhoto and .Mac. The greeting cards are great, too. I think the feature I use most often is Backup, to schedule incremental backups to a 250gig hard drive and rewritable DVDs, kept off site. My next project? Create an easy to use FTP site for our families to share photos, music, etc.. Peace!… Read the rest