Certified Apple System

Well, it finally arrived! About a week ago, I began the rigorous process of having my old 867 MHz Titanium PowerBook certified as a bona fide Apple System and today I received the coveted brushed aluminum certification plaque. It wasn’t easy, but you could never put a price tag on the prestige that accompanies such recognition from Mr. Jobs himself. I’m a little nervous going to Macworld in San Francisco this week… I mean, what if he calls me up during the keynote address and makes a big deal out of this whole thing?

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  1. […] Yesterday, Denise and I took a day trip up above Sierra City. We found this nice spot overlooking the Sierra Buttes from Haskell Peak — I whipped out my PowerBook and fired it up. And… which one of my dozens of random desktop photos do you suppose came up on the monitor? Yep! A shot of the Buttes from the other side, which I took back in 1978! Those are some impressive rocks! […]

    September 4, 2006

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