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Where did the Revelation Roundtable go? Well, it’s actually still here and I do hope to get back to it soon and pick up where we left off a couple years ago. I hope to have a sort of Revelation/Eschatology commentary, blog and resource site for you at that time. Until then, you can find family news, musings and other items of interest/disinterest on our personal blog, At Home On Piety Hill.

You may also find information about my new book, a short biography of Richard Baxter, here.
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Published June 14th, 2005 by

Do I read? Sure, I do. Not much fiction, though. To purloin and retool a phrase from the pen of Don van Vliet (aka Captain Beefheart), I generally read “opaque literary works, which would bug most people.” Case(s) in point: rarely in recent months have I experienced the joy and excitement of feasting on anything approaching Oscar Cullmann’s Early Christian Worship nor have I surfeited on any book which approaches the sumptuous banquet which is Abbas Amanat’s Resurrection and Renewal: The Making of the Babi Movement in Iran, 1844 – 1850! Oh, the memory of reading those masterpieces during the magical days of my youth makes me long for more, more, more!… Read the rest