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Someone posted this bizarre video of Benny Hinn on the Triune nature of God

Which reminded me of a mathematics instructional video a friend pointed me to years ago.


Then, I recalled a bit of advice from Beautiful Eulogy

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“For we are, alas, only too familiar with alluring prophets. We have seen them crumble into fragments. We have seen them bring the Wholly Other into disrepute, by being themselves no more than ‘very strange.'” Karl Barth

Over on Pyromaniac a while back, there was s a discussion of the role of prophecy in the modern church, which began with Rubber Prophecies and a brief account of two of the “very strange” pseudo-prophets bouncing them. It’s amazing what a wide-ranging and informative overview you can get of this perennial controversy in the comments that followed.

Since then, we’ve had the Strange Fire brouhaha and resulting fallout.… Read the rest

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Man, this is scary! The Feds infiltrated a terrorist group in Dutch Flat, which was hatching a bomb plot against a government facility near Folsom. I’ll tell you, these religious fanatics will stop at nothing to advance their Pagan philosophy. Good job, G-men!

There are still members of this sect at large, so keep your eyes open for Subaru Outbacks (their version of the Humvee) sporting racks carrying kayaks or mountain bikes, frequently seen near Pilates studios, juice bars or organic co-ops.… Read the rest

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Boy, did I ever find the site for Sadielouwho and her courageous contingent of friends who like to frolic in the waves. Get on your boardshorts or your one-piece and bathing cap… head down to the shore for some fun in the surf.

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The girls and I were returning from our drive in the country, flying down NC Hwy 421, loaded down with apples and keeping our eyes peeled for barbecue joints (down by the lake? T Bone Burnett, anyone?) A sign caught my eye: “Books 75% Off.” It was hoisted prominently over the 421 Flea Market.
This flea market (or “swap meet” in southern California vernacular) was deceptively ginormous. There were tables and pickup trucks laid out over a large field, selling used treasures from clothes to martial arts weapons and country home décor to GUNS! What appeared to be storage or industrial buildings at the rear of the property housed the actual flea market!… Read the rest

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The Times October 07, 2005
No dancing and no gays if Hamas gets its way
By Stephen Farrell

A VISION of an Islamic society that bans mixed dancing and sternly disapproves of homosexuality has been given by Mahmoud Zahar, the most senior leader of Hamas in Gaza. After controversies when a Hamas-led council halted a dance festival and Islamist gunmen stopped a rap band performing in Gaza, Dr Zahar defended the enforcement of a strict interpretation of Islam.

“A man holds a woman by the hand and dances with her in front of everyone. Does that serve the national interest?” Dr Zahar said on the Arabic website Elaph.… Read the rest

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I am so grateful to live in a community, where we enjoy state of the art medicine. I turned 50 this year and went in for my very first colonoscopy. I’m feeling fine, but it’s a good idea for men my age to be examined for colorectal cancer or other disease. Here we are in the year 2005 and I find it hard to believe that most people undergoing this test will still be subjected to the barbaric colonscope, a long flexible tubular instrument inserted into the rectum and poked around the colon, while the doctor watches on a remote video device.… Read the rest