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future-sign-Things are coming together much quicker, thanks to some wonderful improvements in WordPress, plugins, themes, and CMS.1  Good Mr. Baxter, my short, online  biography of that famous pastor, should be completed this week and I can get to the business of blogging and introducing some fresh, new work. Because my interests and experiences are so varied and seemingly unrelated, the plan right now is to devote a week or so to one subject at a time. So, if something comes up that interests you, just tune in for a while and check out when I’m blogging about boring stuff like Twelver Shi’ism in 19th century Iran.… Read the rest “What’s Next?”

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BoDeniseBlogWelcome to Today, I’m launching my new site and, so, I did what just about every failed writer or blogger out there does: I reorganized my office and physical files, went through my inspiration files in Evernote, searched my pockets for hastily scribbled notes and quotes, embarked on an archaeological dig through my inbox, took a nap and, finally, checked my email and social media accounts for any breaking news or urgent correspondence that came in over the past couple of hours. In short, I did whatever I could to avoid actually working on content for the site!Read the rest “Welcome to!”

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Now, here’s a blog I get. Jonah travels the length and breadth of America, sampling the fare from taquerias of all sizes, posting his reviews on the Burrito Blog. As of this writing, he hasn’t sampled the best yet, which can only be found at El Tepeyac. ¿Es verdad, mi familia?

Now, if you’re ever in the Los Angeles area, you want to head over to East LA and find 812 N Evergreen Ave., between Brooklyn and Wabash. El Tepayac is across the street from a large Catholic church, in a neutral zone, and there’s usually a real long line outside.… Read the rest “The Burrito Blog”

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Yes, that’s Promaster and not Postmaster. Although many of you know me as a Postmaster, I am also a harp player since about this time last year. I took up the harmonica, because I realized that the nerve pain in my right arm would probably prevent me from playing the guitar seriously.

I’ve really come to enjoy the harmonica, thanks in large part to my friend, Tom B., an excellent harp player. He dropped by one afternoon with Amy and a large suitcase full of harmonicas. Being a generous mentor, he gave me a handful of Big River harmonicas, Pucks, a tremolo harmonica and a nice Hohner Chromatic 260.… Read the rest “Promaster”

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Bo SalisburyWe are approaching the ten year anniversary of my brush with death from necrotizing fasciitis. Our local newspaper ran an article with this staged photo by the author. The article was amazingly factual, so hat’s off to Dave Moller, the reporter. Check it out and don’t forget to comment. If you haven’t visited my site, the full story is here.

By the way, you can tell it’s a staged photo. If you notice, I am depicted doing yard work.… Read the rest “Ten Year Anniversary”

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Will Return Later


  1. I’ve learned PHP and MySQL
  2. My Revelation Commentary is live
  3. I’m spending more than a measley 8 hours in preparation for Bible study
  4. I’ve read Break, Blow and Burn by Camille Paglia
  5. Cacading Style Sheets are second nature to me
  6. My book about Richard Baxter is published or in the can
  7. Sean and Camille produce an heir

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Oh, my. I found this great little clip of the Electric Flag — Mike Bloomfield is in fine form. I was too young to see the original Flag, but caught them on a reunion tour with Moby Grape in about 1974. Fantastic! We were in the orchestra pit and Mike Bloomfield was right in front of us. His guitars were totally memorable. He played a Les Paul that was beat with the standard white knobs from a Stratocaster replacing the originals which he must have lost somewhere. He also played a blue Telecaster that looked like he had painted it himself — there were drips and runs across it.… Read the rest “The Electric Flag Featuring Mike Bloomfield”

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Because now, with a little bit of broadband, I can take a trip down memory lane and watch a lot of my favorite bands/artists from the past. For example, Living Colour on the Arsenio Hall show performing Cult of Personality. I once heard Living Colour referred to as the black Led Zeppelin… LZ wishes they were this heavy. Rock, funk, punk, noise, rap, African, reggae, metal, industrial, free jazz… they have it all and stage presence!… Read the rest “Why Do I Love YouTube?”

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ReadyMade MagazineReadyMade: Instructions for Everyday Life. I love this magazine — I mean the layout and style. I would never consider myself a handy man or hobbyist but, if I were, I would have a subscription to this fun and fabulously conceived periodical. The articles, projects and even the adds are all attractive, informative and sassy (to borrow a phrase from Denise). It’s obviously targeted to the Gen-Xers, who have figured out that not only are they not living in the shadow of the Boomers, but they can have a good job, pockets full of cash and out-consume their forerunners with kick.… Read the rest “ReadyMade”

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rewind buttonYounger people probably won’t be able to empathize with me on this one, but I was returning a rented DVD the other day and, just before I dropped it in the slot, I opened it up to make sure I’d rewound it. Pavlov’s dork!… Read the rest “Is Your DVD Rewound?”