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Have you ever wondered why people who always seem to be involved in conflicts or controversy are the first to cry foul? Richard Baxter made this observation of human nature over 300 years ago and it’s as timely now, as it was during those factious days of the English Civil War:

He that will blow the Coals must not wonder if some Sparks do fly in his face…

Richard Baxter

I have hundreds and hundreds of pithy quotes (and, some longer), which I have collected over the years. I brought them together as a collection in a Hypercard stack, back in the early ’90s. Then, I created a pure CSS web site to offer them to the world. I will be posting quotes regularly here and adding more, as I read the hundreds of books in my library. And, here’s what makes this collection unique: I will be posting the works of writers who remain largely unknown or obscure. Not only will you see quotes from the likes of Tim Keller, Flannery O’Connor or Winston Churchill, but Walter Brueggemann, Harold Bussell and James Resseguie, too! And, with tags and categories, you will be able to search the collection to find just the right quote for the right occasion.

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  1. marcia said:

    Thanks for the conviction first thing in the morning 😉

    August 6, 2014

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