Sometimes Things Just Don’t Work Out

I was looking at photos and video from our trip to Maine in July 2016. I wanted to paint these girls playing on a float on Blue Hill Bay in a way that would communicate activity and the passage of time. I decided to create a series of five small paintings in a left-to-right timeline depicting the girls in different positions on the float as they moved from one side to the other, in order to look at a crab they found. But, I was unsure if it would communicate what I wanted — and, that was the downfall of this project. I lost the original concept, became indecisive, and decided to try and portray the same general feel on a single, wide canvas while capturing the mood of an overcast day. I think the painting would have worked much better if I’d turned it into a sunny day.

I’m not giving up on the original concept and may revisit it later. Until then, here is my not-so-enthusiastic attempt at girls at play on Blue Hill Bay on a cloudy day.

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