Is Your DVD Rewound?

rewind buttonYounger people probably won’t be able to empathize with me on this one, but I was returning a rented DVD the other day and, just before I dropped it in the slot, I opened it up to make sure I’d rewound it. Pavlov’s dork!


  1. Nikki said:

    Oh you are a dork!!! That is so funny. Be kind, rewind.

    March 16, 2007
  2. pietyhill said:

    Thanks, Nikki. It’s always nice to have a friend leave a comment, agreeing with the post… I feel affirmed.

    March 16, 2007
  3. ahahaha. I remember renting videos and being mad because someone forgot to rewind. Video Library used to give a free rental if your movie wasn’t rewound.

    March 17, 2007

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