Seven Myths About a Pastor’s Workweek


It is an old joke, one that is still told too often. You go up to your pastor and say, “I wish I had your job; you only have to work one hour each week.” It is likely your pastor will laugh or smile at your comment. In reality your pastor is likely hurt by your statement.

Or, put another way: Here’s a good-natured, self-deprecating jab via Dick Lucas:

“The Christian minister: six days invisible and one day incomprehensible.”

Personally? This one hit closest to home:

Myth #7: The pastor’s workweek is low stress compared to others. I believe pastors have one of the most difficult and stressful jobs on earth. In fact, it is an impossible job outside of the power and call of Christ. It is little wonder that too many pastors deal with lots of stress and depression.

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