“I can’t” Isn’t An Option

For those of us who have survived something like the flesh-eating bacteria or who are living with a debilitating disease or physical condition, it’s good to get a fresh perspective from someone like Cindy Martinez. She is:

a Gwinnett County woman [who] simply doesn’t have the words “I can’t” in her vocabulary. Source: Flesh-eating bacteria survivor inspires others – Story | WAGA

These kinds of stories can, at first, seem a bit discouraging for someone like me, who will never be able to accomplish the feats that Cindy has. Others with multiple amputations may just want to give up after reading an article like this. Some are so emotionally scarred and depressed that a story like this may seem to just “pile on.”

But, my motive for publishing these happy endings is to provide a perspective, an opportunity to look beyond our circumstances in order to overcome any self-imposed barriers to health and happiness. We have plenty of actual problems — it’s not helpful to manufacture or search for more in our own minds. Rather, we ought to think about what we can or really want to do, whenever the words “I can’t” come to mind.


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