A Future of Empty Doorsteps?

Sorry kid, but you’re out of a job! Time to fire up a blog!

BREITBART.com /Nov 13 9:53 AM US/Eastern :
Dark days are ahead for American newspapers, as sales tumble, a warp-speed news culture leaves lumbering dailies behind and scandals over flawed reporting taint heavyweight titles. US papers are battling an explosion in online information, a news agenda powered by bloggers and 24-hour cable news, and they can’t seem to connect with young readers. Credibility questions hang over several papers and journalists are under more scrutiny than ever in the highly polarised US political climate. Doomsayers say changes in modern lifestyles mean the days when American homeowners open their front door every morning and haul in a thick multi-section paper may be numbered. Latest figures released by the Audit Bureau of Circulations found a 2.6 percent drop in circulation for 786 newspapers across the country in the six months to September — meaning that 1.2 million people deserted their paper… Several US newspaper giants suffered heavy circulation drops — figures which mirror the declining readership across the globe…. In a survey last year, the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press found only 23 percent of people under 30 read a daily newspaper, compared with 60 percent of older people. (emphasis mine)

This is certainly good news and I’ve looked forward to this day since I became aware in the mid-80’s that the glory days of “objective journalism” were over and the dawn of the tabloid, masquerading as news, was upon us. As a new generation comes into adulthood without being tainted by the media wing of the American Fabian Society, there is some cause for hope. When you couple these statistics with the rise of private and homeschooling, plus the fact that so-called progressives are opting to have fewer children or none at all, perhaps we oldsters will see a return to sanity in our lifetime. Sure, the radicals still control the university, but it’s amazing how quickly a few months on a real job or caring for someone other than one’s self, can wipe away four to six years of indoctrination in victimhood, hedonism, socialist economics and disdain for western civilization.


  1. Suzie said:

    In my opinion….. I believe the dwindling numbers have much to do with their secular/liberal spin from many of the large newspapers and their far left agenda…that the folks are getting tired of. It is hard to find FAIR and BALANCED reporting these days…unless you do search it out. I am happy about the decline myself esp. of the NY Times & San Fran, perhaps now they will look at the numbers and start monitoring what they are putting out there.

    Those dropping numbers are mainly the ones I am referring to above, it is not all them. I believe PRINT will always be available.

    Like I said…all this is my opinion….sorry for the rant.

    November 16, 2005
  2. I do however like the sports page. 😉

    Probably the most honest part of the newspaper.

    November 16, 2005
  3. Sadie Lou said:

    I’m with Suzie, it’s hard to trust anything you read or see on the News. That’s why I love reading blogs–it’s the world according to US; not THEM.

    November 16, 2005
  4. Mike Anderson said:

    The elite “liberal only” news clubs are finally being challenged for their decades long segragationism of difffering colors… I mean… ideas and for the exclusivity of THEIR “superior” news.

    You may even see a a black… I mean… conservative dominated faculty at some college somewhere in the North!

    “The times… they are a chang’n”.

    Yessum!… massa bob! wees conser’tives a go’n to da front of da bus!… bin a looooong time com’n!

    November 17, 2005

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