Farewell NYC

On Tuesday, Denise and I said farewell to New York and flew out of La Guardia at 4PM. By 1 AM, we were back in Nevada City and I arrived at work in Camptonville by 7:30 AM on Tuesday. What a great time to be alive and who can deny that the United States is one of the best places on the planet to live?

The last morning in Brooklyn, we decided to take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was chilly. On the Manhattan side, we looked around and thought we would see if anything piqued our interest. If so, we’d just take a train back to our apartment. If not, we’d walk back across the bridge. We kept finding promising places and things to see until we stumbled right up to the World Trade Center. Frankly, we didn’t remember how close it was to the bridge, having visited the WTC and the observation deck about 18 years ago. It was impressive then and it is just as impressive now, but for different reasons.

I won’t go into our reflections, except to say one more time that I like living in the US, where a working-class couple can travel, enjoy visiting friends and family, dine on all kinds of great food, see the sites and spend Sunday morning, worshipping God along with a bunch of people we never met before. Thank you Jesus!

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